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How do I Clean my Roof with a Pressure Washer?

In wet conditions, most homes are prone to moss coverage and become darkened and unattractive. When you consider the risks involved with this chore, hiring professional service is the only sensible option. Obviously there is risk of falling from a steep grade, add soap and a wet surface, then walking around with a machine, accidents are sure to happen. Furthermore, a simple roof cleaning can turn into a roof replacement if the procedure is not done properly.

Power washing can cause extensive damage to rooftops. Soft washing, low pressure washing, and no pressure washing are terms used to describe the processes that will not cause damage to your rooftop. This technique when applied, results in clean roof without the damage that a high powered pressure washer will create. If you have a shingle type roof, you can revive your rooftop to look immaculate once again by cleaning, not unnecessarily replacing. Often homeowners are ill-advised by roofers, who would like to make a sale, rather than save the roof and recommend a good cleaning. It is important to hire a knowledgeable contractor who will know which technique is best for each individual use. For example, a rooftop covered in algae would need a soft wash or no pressure cleaning. An experienced contractor will have the knowledge necessary to make the right decision for your roof.

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