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Why do I need clean my fence and decks?

One of the most abundant jobs we have is cleaning fences and decks. Insuring your fences and decks are cleaned is the most important step in maintaining it. If it has been a while since you had your cleaned, you should think about having it cleaned and sealed immediately to prevent major damage to the wood.

A lot of money can be saved if you have good pieces of wood when restoring a fence or deck, so make sure to maintain your deck or fence to save thousands in replacement costs. The first step in restoring a wood fence or deck is cleaning and then sealing with the right products to achieve the end result; a gorgeous and lasting deck. The surface must be cleaned so the sealant can stick the the wood as it is supposed to. This provides your wood with the protection it needs to stand up against all the different weather that mother natures throws at it.

Wood is a soft material, because of this property, there is the chance you could damage your deck while cleaning with too high water pressure. If you donā??t know what type of lumber your deck consists of, you will want to test out different tips on a inconspicuous spot. Be sure not to get too close or even with the right tip you could still damage your surface. If you are not familiar with pressure washers, and prefer not risking any damage, you may consider hiring a professional pressure washing contractor.

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